Anhui Guangyintang Chinese Medicine Co.,Ltd was founded in July, 2000. It is a collection of industry and trade, production and research as one of the modern pharmaceutical joint-stock group with 6 subsidiary corporations and 2 outside offices. The company registered capital is 50,560,000 yuan, and the total assets is 950 million yuan.

The company has been focusing on the research and development of Chinese herbal medicine products related and has successively established good relations of cooperation with the Anhui Provincial Academy of agricultural product processing research institute, the Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine School of medicine, Anhwei Normal University, Jinan University and Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force Aviation Medical Research Institute.Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the social responsibility standard of the people-oriented, enterprise and staff growing together, holding the idea of the talent resource being the first resource. Show respect for labor, talent, knowledge, and creation and adhere to the concept of morality, passion, responsibility, ability and the performance of the talent.

Enterprise short&long-term development goals:

  • 1. Within 3 to 5 years, Guangyintang is aimed to be the first privately operated enterprise to list in Bozhou.
  • 2. Within 5 to 8 years, Guangyintang is aimed to be the first-class pharmaceutical industry.
  • 3. Within 10 years, Guangyintang is aimed to become an international well-known enterprise.


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